About Dawn Fleetwood

Dawn Fleetwood - Orchid Leaf Energy Arts
Dawn Fleetwood - Orchid Leaf Energy Arts

Dawn Fleetwood is a nationally respected expert on Herbs and Iridology and many other modalities of Traditional Healing Arts.

Located in Flint, Michigan, three blocks east of the Flint Farmers Market, Dawn has provided thousands of people with information and education to assist their healing process. Dawn’s practice utilizes an Energy Analysis that includes an Iridology Reading, Chinese Tongue Reading, a look at a diet sheet that has been kept for a few days to establish nutritional habits, Meridian Pulse Readings of the body and a lengthy question and answer period designed to produce an overall picture of the persons health.

Within a few minutes of sitting down with Dawn she will start telling the person what their symptoms are and within an hour she will have laid out a plan of action for the person. The plan will include using Organic foods, supplements that have been reported for centuries to correct the specific imbalances along with Chinese and or American Herbal Formulas. Information will be given on Meditation, Proper Food Combining, Exercise, Laughter and healthy habits like applying the Law of Attraction and rediscovering the True Self instead of the Self people create to please others.

Dawn’s thirty years of experience includes Classical Chinese Medicine, Herbal Formulas, Acupuncture, T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong, Iridology, Reflexology, Simplers Herbal Method, Applied Kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, Hydrotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programing.


Forty years ago I started my working career as a Professional Photographer and Marketing Consultant. I have always worked for myself and I have continued working in niche marketing while also working as an Iridologist, Herbalist, and teacher of Chinese Energy Arts. I considered myself an entrepreneur with the understanding that multiple streams of income are important for any business. I also make hand built mahogany sea kayaks in my spare time.

I enjoy working with start-up businesses creating unique marketing, public relations, promotions, and special events projects. I can supply complete marketing packages for businesses that need unique, creative marketing at a reasonable price. I have won numerous Best of Show awards throughout the years.

If you need help in any of these areas and feel I can be of assistance please contact me.