The Basics for Every Healthy Digestive System

And I do mean just the basics. It takes a lot of work and an impeccable diet, (see Trophology), to keep a healthy digestive system in this day and age. If you have those pesky reminders, gas, belching and bloating then read on and adopt some of these things for your...

Spring Fever Tonics

A spring cold tonic: my favorite! The above recipes will chase away all those Spring FEVERS.

Five Healing Colors & Sounds of Breath

First, pay attention to your breath. The slower your breath rate and the more even the less stress in the body. How does it feel? Is it smooth, choppy, deep, shallow, quiet, noisy?

Bone Broth or Stock

Bone broth or stock? The title Bone Broth gives it that new and trendy air but both are the same basic soup stock that my grandmother and probably your grandmother made.