Hypoglycemic episodes stop with use of herbs

I am 24 and have had lower back pain since I can remember. I thought it was an old injury I did to myself when I was younger and I figured I was just going to live with it the rest of my life. When I was in high school I blacked out many times and sometimes ended up in the ER because I would hit my head on the way down. On one of those visits I was diagnosed as a hypoglycemic and was told there was nothing they could do for me.

Being hypoglycemic was hard on me and my family because protein snacks constantly had to be on hand. I would “stare” out into space, quickly would become extremely irritable and felt that my insides were boiling because I was beyond frustrated. My blood sugar would rapidly drop without many symptoms and the rest of the day I would recoup myself from the hypoglycemic spell.

After months of convincing, my friend had me go see Dawn Fleetwood. The visit was an eye-opening experience. After a few weeks of taking the herbs and supplements Dawn suggested I feel totally refreshed. I haven’t felt any signs of being hypoglycemic or anemic. I go without eating for hours and protein snacks do not need to be around me at all times.
Most importantly, my constant, agonizing back pain went away. I believe Dawn has an extremely special talent to bring to this world and I am so thankful that I went and saw her. Thank you Dawn for all you have taught me about my health.

Tori, Fenton, Michigan

Registered Nurse makes leap of faith and tries Chinese Herbs

In December of 2000, I had a lipoma removed from my upper left abdomen. Unfortunately, this would start me on a downward spiral for the next eight months. In January of 2001 I suffered a GI bleed followed by a case of Mononucleosis in February. In April I began having acute respiratory problems that eventually totally confined me to my air conditioned home. Both my family doctor and allergist worked hard for the next three months attempting to solve my health issues. After months of tests, X-rays, prescriptions and total frustration, they both agreed on one thing. There was something wrong and they could not find out what it was. Based on their advice I began to seek an appointment with the Mayo Clinic and the University of Michigan Hospital.

My breathing had become so bad I could not make my bed without getting short of breath. A trip to the grocery store or the post office was dependent on the humidity and mold count for that given day.

I was watching a newscast when I heard about a product that helped increase a persons immune system. At this point, I thought anything could help me, not hurt me. So I called and asked about this product.

With that phone call, I came into contact with Dawn Fleetwood. Upon asking question about the product, Dawn noticed by the sound of my voice that I was short of breath. I told her of my health history over the past eight months. After answering some questions she posed to me, much to my surprise she stated she could help me. She told me she specialized in Chinese herbal formulas. As a registered nurse, I believed in Holistic care but venturing into Chinese herbal medicine was even a leap of faith for me. My husband and I discussed what did I have to loose. For the past eight months, traditional modern medicine was unable to solve my problems and get me a workable remedy.

With that in mind, I began to seek counseling with Dawn. Within one week of starting a regimen of Chinese herbs, a change in diet, and meditation to help the spiritual healing, my labored breathing improved to the point where I could sit on my patio and walk around in my yard for a few hours a day. This improvement has continued to the point that I have stopped using a host of inhalers I was using four to six times a day.

The foremost thing I want this letter to give is HOPE to those people who are alone, frustrated and without answers from traditional western medicine. I would like to see MD’s open their doors to people like Dawn Fleetwood ( alternative practitioners). Working together I know they could achieve great things. Using these alternatives our limits would be boundless.

Lee Ann, RN, Michigan

ADHD high school student excels on herbal program

My son had his days and we wondered how he would make it through high school. He is termed ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

We were able to keep him off medication through elementary school (after having to change schools once) , by working closely with the teachers and other school staff. His grades weren’t the greatest, and we often had flair ups, sometimes out of school for a day or two for consequences, but we were able to stumble through.

When he went to middle school it turned into a nightmare. Moving from class to class, teacher to teacher. ADHD kids have trouble dealing with change, and the situation turned into mass confusion for him, his grades went way down and his behavior was much to be desired for. I asked the school to put him into special education, (emotionally disabled), sought a new therapist, and started him on medication. It broke our hearts and that brought up new problems. The ups and down of medications wearing off, not eating, not sleeping, they wanted to give him sleeping pills. I felt I was turning my son into a drug addict. His grades still weren’t that great but he was better able to cope in the mass confusion of the school setting. He became grouchy and irritable, at home there was no talking with him, he would fly off the handle at anything.

Then a friend saw a special on the news about an herbalist that was working with ADHA kids. He said the things they were saying on the special report sounded just like me. So I went to their web site, got the herbalist name, called and made an appointment. You’re always skeptical at first but Dawn asked me not to tell her anything about my son that she would tell me more about him that I ever knew. It was amazing when we met her and there was no second guess to take her advice.

The first week was rough as my son didn’t want anything to do with the Concerta (ritilin) and went off it cold turkey to the herbs, and the diet changes, suggested by Dawn, but after that he became our son again. not yelling at us, eating like a teenager should, sleeping like he never slept before. His grades have come up and we’re looking forward to it getting better.

Now we are confident that he will get through high school and be able to graduate as a confident young man, not the scared confused kid we didn’t know how to help.

Lynn, Michigan

Stressed Out Computer Programmer Regains Lost Vision

I have been seeing Dawn Fleetwood for four months and the changes in myself are incredible!

I was very stressed out all the time and never had any energy. After following Dawn’s plan, in a matter of weeks, I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I haven’t had a stress attack in months and I can not believe the amount of energy I still have left after working all day. Dawn has taught me a lot about how my body works and I can feel the difference when I eat something “bad”. This was also the first winter I have ever went thru without even getting a cold, absolutely amazing for me.

Prior to seeing Dawn, I had some vision loss, which the doctors could not explain why, and said it was permanent. Dawn knew what caused it and after following her plan, I have regained that vision loss.

Seeing Dawn was the best thing that I have ever done for myself! I feel great, I have energy again and I have learned to listen to my body and take care of it better. By following the plan well, I have lost over 30 pounds in these 4 months.

I highly recommend anyone to talk to Dawn if they are not happy with their health. She has made a great difference in my life, and that of my family.

Lynette, Colorado

Man just can't "stomach" life changes

I had been taking my husband to several doctors. He hadn’t had a solid stool in four months and there were days when he complained his gut hurt so bad he couldn’t get out of bed. He would lay there, curled up in a fetal position and moan. I felt helpless. He was tested for ulcers. Nothing. He was tested for diverticulitis. Nothing. He was put on prescriptions to help him with his acid reflux. The prescription didn’t help. The doctors shrugged their shoulders and said it must be irritable bowel syndrome. There is no cure for irritable bowel syndrome. I was handed a sheet on diet changes. The food on the list was already food we ate every day.

I got Dawn Fleetwood’s business card from a family member and called her to make an appointment. In fact , I made an appointment for David, my husband, his brothers and myself.

Since we were driving two and a half hours to see her I was going to make it worth it for all of us.
Dawn looked at David first. He sat in a wooden chair directly across from her. Between them was a narrow wooden table with an Iridology chart in the center and a stack of books at one end. She peered into his eyes and started describing his symptoms. I was amazed. We had told Dawn very little of what David was experiencing, because we were testing her. We wanted to see if she was really good or not. She exceeded our expectations. Dawn told David what was happening in his gut and how his emotions (his worry over not finding a job, and lack of money – we had just sold our business and didn’t know what was next) were affecting his digestion.

It took a long time to change the emotional habits, but with Dawn’s repeated encouragement to let it go, David did it. Dawn listed on a paper several options for David. We bought a couple bottles of Chinese herbs from her. As soon as we got home David started taking the little Chinese black pills. Less than two days had passed when David reported that he felt better. He would rub his stomach in a circular direction the way Dawn showed him and take is pills. After almost six months of him being very sick I was relieved to hear him say he felt better.

We both started drinking a glass of psyllium in water in the morning to add fiber to our diet and help push out anything that was hanging around in our digestive track that shouldn’t be there. We also looked for organically grown foods whenever we could. It has been two years and David has not had any problems, no gut pain, no acid reflux, and no problems with soft stools. We maintain a healthy diet, about which 50% is organically grown. We also take digestive enzymes with every meal and super-green algae by Dawn’s suggestion. That’s it. That is our maintenance routine.

Thanks again Dawn.

Wynne, Michigan

Autistic seven year old potty trains self after herbal program

My name is Kelli. I began my journey with doctors and other specialists with my two sons and got little or no results. I started my two sons on the program we received from Dawn Fleetwood four months ago and the change has been remarkable. My youngest son who just turned seven is autistic and did not speak at all and was not potty trained. In the last four months of taking herbs he is potty trained and has about fifteen words he is now using. I have also noticed changes in his behavior. He does not get as frustrated when trying to tell you something he wants or needs. He is also following instructions better.

In my older son who just turned nine, he is ADD and has some social problems. He has shown us changes like making friends and learning how to play better with them. Both of the boys have gained weight and are eating better. When people talk to me about the changes they have noticed I simply tell them it is due to the herbs that they are taking. My whole family is excited for the new school-year to start (which is the first time ever) so we can show off the progress the boys have made.

Thank you Dawn.

Kelli, Michigan

Three-year-old's temper tantrums stop

My son was born healthy in December of 1997. He had a lot of colds and respiratory conditions as an infant and by the time he was a year old he had developed sleep apnea, along with obstructed night time breathing. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed at fourteen months. By the time he was two years old he was being treated for asthma, allergies, and he was showing signs of Autism.

Between two and three his health was terrible with many asthma attacks and constant medications, from antibiotics to steroids. His general disposition was terrible and the autistic behaviors were very obvious. He had no eye contact, no speech, temper tantrums every where we went and no interaction with people outside his immediate family.

I heard about homeopathic from my chiropractor and decided a more natural approach was definitely worth trying. The medical approach wasn’t getting us anywhere. Evan received homeopathic care for a year and a half. We definitely had some success. Better eye contact, some speech, more interaction and his health improved but when put up against other preschoolers he was still a long way from “normal”.

I heard about Dawn Fleetwood from a friend in the summer of 2002. Evan has been seen by Dawn since that time. Things are going great for Evan. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the rapid development he’s had over the last few months. His speech is improving on a daily basis, eye contact, I think, is normal and no signs of allergies or asthma. He actually has the ability to understand and reason in a way he never did before. Life is so much happier and healthier for Evan now.

He laughs all the time and he never has temper tantrums anymore. He has quite an imagination now and a sense of humor.

I cannot say enough about what Dawn Fleetwood has done for my son. Our ultimate goal is for Evan to be caught up with his peers. I honestly think that will happen. Either way the quality of Evan’s life has improved 150% in less than a year.

His future is getting brighter every day.

Tamara, Michigan

College Student's Glaucoma Scare

For four years I had elevated intraocular pressure, although I had a consistently normal field of vision. This summer with pressure around 24, my doctor recommended Betimol drops, a continuing treatment that alarmed this 20-year-old college student. I wanted a second opinion, and I turned to Dawn Fleetwood. Dawn recommended change in diet to reduce dairy and refined grains and started me on some Chinese herbs. Three days later, my new doctor measured my pressure at 23. Continuing on Chinese herbs and eating a healthier diet than the normal college student living in a dorm brought considerable weight loss, more energy, and decreasing intraocular pressure. A two month follow up prompted my doctor to suggest annual or biannual review was now appropriate with pressure at around 18, within the normal range. Dawn helped me address the underlining problems now rather than accept continual treatment of symptoms for many years; I have never felt better nor had a better outlook for my vision.

Jonathan, New Mexico

Man on the Mend from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are two people in my life that I refer to as my Earth Angels – people who have made a considerable impact on my life – as they are both exceptional at what they do. Dawn is one of them.

I had never really felt like I got back to feeling 100% after dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome back in the early 90’s – a consequence of working in an office of a plastics factory. I never wanted to take the anti-depressants that my doctor said I’d need for the rest of my life, so just tolerated the mood swings without taking them. My poor roommate! The B-12 shots didn’t rev up my engine for very long, either. Then I heard about Dawn.

I wouldn’t – couldn’t – be doing everything I’m doing now without her influence, knowledge and support. Just one of many ways working with her surprised me was having a blood test at the doctor’s office, and then she’d tell me exactly the same thing just by looking at my eyes. Yes, I’ll probably need to take a particular Chinese herb for the rest of my life because of what the CFS did to my liver, but the herb is a lot cheaper and doesn’t have any side effects. I was, also, taking a LOT of supplements to try to feel better, but she guided me to a smaller, better combination.

I still see her, occasionally, for mini-checkups whenever I feel something’s not quite right along or to pick up additional supplements. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Andrew, Fenton, Michigan

Woman with Chronic Fatigue leaves MD's for Herbalist

I was referred to Dawn Fleetwood in 1998 by a co-worker when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was a single mother of two children working 40-45 hours per week and commuting over two hours a day. I was exhausted and scared for my life. I didn’t know what I had but I knew something was very wrong. I saw several doctors including a specialist but I was told there was nothing they could do.

In desperation I called Dawn Fleetwood. I ( and everyone else in my family ) had always relied strictly on MD’s. I had never tried any type of alternative practitioner. Dawn examined my eyes, tongue, pulses and asked me many questions. She taught me about my body and how the organs worked together in a cycle. When she completed her evaluation, she gave me a list of things I could do to bring my body back into balance. She gave me herbs and other supplements to take. She also gave me hope and confidence that I could heal from what I thought was an incurable disease. When I left her office my fear was replaced with hope and after four to six months on her herbs, her recommended foods and implementing some of her other suggestions, my health was restored. I have used Dawn as my primary source of health care ever since.

Recently in 2009 my son was diagnosed by a urologist with a 4mm kidney stone. He experienced unbearable pain and called me asking for help. The specialist said there was nothing to do except wait for the stone to pass. I took him to see Dawn Fleetwood. Dawn evaluated him in her office and gave him a list of things to help him over the long term: herbs, foods to avoid, foods to eat and other suggestions. Dawn also gave him something for the immediate problem – an herbal formula to help him pass the kidney stone. Dawn told him he would pass the stone within four days without pain. My son took the herbal formula and on the morning of the third day called me to tell me he had passed the kidney stone that morning without any pain.

Dawn’s experience in Chinese medicine and Iridology, her knowledge of herbs and nutrition and her uncommon common sense all come together to create a unique healing experience for her clients. Dawn heals people of real problems.

Elizabeth, Dexter, Michigan

Woman, 48 years old seeks additional advice

For the last fifteen years, I have been referred to specialists for digestive problems, (gallbladder pain and bloody stools) reproductive problems, ( ovarian cysts and very heavy periods) high normal blood pressure, (despite aerobic exercise four times a week, maintaining a normal weight, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and removing salt from my diet) and recurrent sinus infections. After a television segment on alternative medicine featuring Dawn Fleetwood, I figured I had nothing to loose. Despite nervously anticipating my appointment, I was soon put at easy by Dawn’s quiet, calm, understanding manner. Imagine my surprise when she told me what my problems where by a simple exam of my eyes, tongue and hands. Even more remarkable, she assured me that in two months most of my problems would be gone.

After following her diet recommendations, and a regimen of Chinese herbal medicine, the change was remarkable. In one day, I already noticed an improvement in how I felt. One month later, I continue to feel my health improve. Instead of being a candidate for a stroke by the age of fifty, my blood pressure is back to 120/75. I’m enjoying a much healthier life free from chronic problems. Dawn Fleetwood truly has been a lifesaver for me. I highly recommend her.

Elaine, Michigan

Twelve year-old boy with ADHD

We met Dawn Fleetwood in the fall of 2001. My twelve year old son had been going to psychiatrists and psychologists for most of his life. It started when he was in kindergarten and we were told he had ADHD. He has extreme difficulty paying attention, completing even the simplest of tasks and his ability to sit still was impossible. He also had difficulty making friends. My husband and I were increasingly uncomfortable with the Doctor’s diagnoses of ADHA, severe depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder. Prescribed drugs were Ritalin, Adderall, Lithium, Concerta and anti-depressants.

We felt our son was nothing but a guinea pig for all the combinations of medications he was given. The last straw was when he developed panic attacks. We knew we had to find an alternative. In the fall of 2001, desperation set in and we decided to take him off ALL of the medications and pray for a new treatment.

Soon after, a fellow employee walked into my office and I could hardly believe my eyes. I had seen her several times over the previous months. She had been in a bad car accident and suffered severe head injuries. It made me feel bad watching her struggle to talk or walk. She had been unable to perform her job. When she walked in, I could not believe her dramatic improvement in just a month. She spoke with her former eloquence, and her coordination was absolutely normal. I asked what had happened to create such a change and she told me about Dawn Fleetwood. I called Dawn that day and after talking to her for quite a while on the phone, I was sure she could help my son.

On our first visit, Dawn interviewed him and asked him tons of questions about his diet, habits, aches and pains. She explained how looking in ones eyes can reveal a lot about their health. Her knowledge was very impressive. She gave me a number of herbs to start him on his recovery and the results have been incredible. Within two weeks he was noticeably happier, sleeping better and as the school year begun, he was actually happy to go to school AND do the work. The nightly drudgery of trying to get him to do his endless homework stopped. He didn’t even have homework! He was actually getting it done in school! His concentration has improved so much, that he pitched a no hitter recently on his winter league baseball team. His health has improved so much that his running speed and endurance has skyrocketed.

Having been in the medical field for 22 years, I had always been very skeptical about alternative medical practices. But our quality of life change has made me realize that Dawn’s vast knowledge of “alternative medicine” has made all the difference in the world to us.

Kathy, Michigan

Cocaine And Fetal Alcohol Addicted Babies Given New Start

I heard about Dawn from my parents. They had seen her on television and she was saying she had great results with children with ADHD. I called right away and brought my son to see her. He was our foster child at the time and had been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD and speech delays.

After Dawn did her analysis we were told that he was full of yeast and his liver was not working properly.

Dawn said FAS was curable and when he was yeast free we would see big changes. After starting the supplements and the yeast free diet he started talking up a storm. We didn’t know speech delays could be caused by yeast in the body.

We are very pleased with the results we are seeing with our son.

Cindy, Michigan

We brought our daughter in the same time we brought our son. She had been born Cocaine positive and still wasn’t walking or talking. She was at the time, our foster daughter. She also had yeast and liver problems. Because she couldn’t swallow pills Dawn suggested another option.

What a difference. After being on the immune strengthening product for a month she was sleeping all night, pointing at objects and trying to name them and taking steps by herself. It’s like a light went on.
She continues to improve, she is still not walking on her own but continues to to take steps daily. It won’t be long now!

I hope people will benefit from this, these children just needed the right nutrition and a whole world is opened up for them that otherwise wouldn’t have been.

Thank you Dawn!

Cindy, Michigan

Note from Dawn: Both of these foster children were adopted by this loving couple and night falls far more gently and more is right in the world of these children.

Nineteen year old college student excels

My son’s first meeting with Dawn Fleetwood was on May 16, 2002. I arranged this meeting after seeing an interview with Dawn during a television stations Health segment.

My 19 year old son was told he had ADHA just before starting his senior year in high school. He had problems all through school but it wasn’t until his high school counselor suggested we have him tested did the reason for his poor performance surface. He was referred to a local ADHA clinic where he was prescribed Concerta. They changed the dosage several times but this did not have an effect on his concentration or ability to focus on tasks. After seeing Dawn’s interview on the news, I decided I had nothing to loose at this point because he wasn’t receiving any help from his currant treatment program.

Dawn recommended a change in his current diet, and suggested he begin taking different herbs to help with the problems mentioned above. Within a few weeks, I saw a new person, actually the person my son used to be before the ADHD problems, emerge! He is much happier – he smiles a lot more. He has become talkative again and his energy level is much higher than before. He says he feels great!

This fall, he will began starting his second year in college and I know he will be able to preform academically at a level he hasn’t been able to in the past. At least this is what I am praying for.

Dawn Fleetwood has been the answer to my prayers. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her for the help she has given my son. She has given him his life back, and for that reason, I am eternally grateful to her. I just wish I could have found out about her sooner. I could have saved my son and my family a lot of heartache.

Elise, Michigan

Railroad worker's health problems

My name is David and I am a forty-eight years old and have been treated for high blood pressure, asthma, chronic fatigue, backache, heartburn, indigestion, insomnia, blurred vision, painful joints, mild depression, anger and many more symptoms for many years. I just couldn’t understand why I never felt better. I struggled just to make it through each day and I began to accept that this was how I would always feel. I lost all hope of ever feeling well again. One day my wife got tired of me feeling sorry for myself. She gave Dawn Fleetwood a call. It turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Dawn explained to me that all of those years I have had my symptoms treated but never the cause. Dawn suggested some herbs to me. To my surprise within the first day I began to feel better. My symptoms began to disappear. With each day that goes by I feel better and stronger than ever. It’s been a little over a month and I have stopped taking all of my prescription medicine. I sleep like a baby, I breath better, my blood pressure is normal, I’ve lost weight and I feel great. I truly recommend for anyone who is tired of not feeling well and who’s tired of taking prescription drugs that make you feel worse to go see Dawn Fleetwood. I am so thankful I did.

David, Michigan

Woman's Hysterectomy Scare

I had been having severe menstrual cramps. Sometimes I could avoid the pain by taking a prescription called Anaprox as soon as I felt the wave of cramps coming on. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. When it didn’t, which was about four times a year I would become so weak I couldn’t stand. I was nauseous and had diarrhea. I would flush white and literally pray for death the pain was so great. I wanted relief-even if it meant leaving this world. I would be taken to the hospital where I received a heavy dose of muscle relaxant. This went on for thirteen years.

My doctor suggested that I consider having a complete hysterectomy. I was only 32 years old and just couldn’t see doing that and having to be on hormone replacement therapy for the remainder of my life. I decided to give Dawn Fleetwood a try. I didn’t have anything to lose, or rather I did have something to loose and I wanted to keep it.

After about six month of seeing Dawn, I didn’t feel the ” normal” wave of pain coming on during menstruation. It has been two years now and I haven’t had to take an Anaprox or be rushed to the hospital, and best of all NO HYSTERECTOMY.

Wynne, Michigan